Application for Architect License by Reciprocity

Fee: $150




In North Carolina I will offer/render my architectural services in the following manner,
please select the appropriate method:
As a sole proprietor or an employee of a sole proprietorship.
The firm name is
(refer to rule 21 NCAC 02.0205)
As an employee, principle, officer, director or shareholder of a corporate entity.
The firm name is
(refer to rule 21 NCAC 02.0214 for NC corporations or 21 NCAC 02.0215 for out of state corporations and G.S. 83A-8*)
As an employee, principle, member, manager or owner of a limited liability company.
The firm name is
(refer to rule 21 NCAC 02.0218 and G.S. 83A-8*)
*An individual cannot hold himself out as offering architectural services for a corporation or LLC not
registered to practice architecture in North Carolina. In cases of violation of General Statute 83A-8,
the Board will prosecute the individual unless the employing corporation is licensed and registered in
the State for architectural services. If a corporation or company (PA, PC, Inc, LLC, PLLC, etc.) employs
you, please contact this office or our web site for the necessary forms to begin the firm registration
As an employee or partner of a limited liability partnership.
The firm name is
(refer to rules 21 NCAC 02 .0204, .0205)
Other—Please describe in detail


I hereby apply for License Registration to practice architecture by reciprocity with NCARB.
My NCARB Certificate is current and in good standing. I understand that revocation
of the NCARB certificate by NCARB shall automatically terminate my license to practice in
North Carolina until such time as the certificate is reinstated by NCARB.
I hereby certify that I have read the laws and rules governing the practice of architecture
in North Carolina and that I shall not violate the laws or any rules or standard of conduct
published by the North Carolina Board of Architecture.
I hereby certify that I have not offered or rendered architectural services as defined in G.S. 83A.
I have never had a credential or license denied, limited, reprimanded, suspended, disciplined in any manner or revoked.
I have never been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor under any laws.
There are no criminal charges pending against me.
I have not been found guilty of misconduct, unprofessional conduct, dishonest or fraudulent practice,
or incompetent practice by any court, board, agency, or professional organization.
There are no charges pending against me before any court, board, agency, or professional organization
for unprofessional conduct, dishonest or fraudulent practice or incompetent practice.
I certify that I have read and understand the Public Notice Statement required by NCGS 143-764(a)(5).
The Public Notice Statement is found at
I certify that I have not been investigated for employee misclassification per NCGS 143-764(a)(5).
Questions regarding employee misclassification should be directed to NC Industrial Commission at 919-807-2582.


Under penalties prescribed by law, I hereby affirm to the best of my knowledge and belief that the
foregoing statements are made in good faith and are true in every respect.